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    Say goodbye to cold feet and hello improved circulation with this fabulous foot warmer from Beurer

    Time to give your feet a treat and make them warm and toasty with the Lighterior Footwarmer. With three temperature settings and an illuminated switching function, you'll be able to cuddle up and keep your feet warm and toasty all year round!
    The extra soft fluffy fleece fabric lining is thankfully breathable meaning that while your feet are warming up, they won't sweat and become uncomfortable. Healthy feet have to breathe! And don't worry about the fleecy lining either - it is detachable and you can pop it into the washing machine when you are ready to freshen it up.
    As with all personal heating products from Beurer  - this footwarmer comes with a 1-year guarantee - so you'll have the reassurance of this quality German brand and the promise of super-toasty warm feet how can you resist?

    Is it true that women get cold feet more than men?
    YES! Sadly it's true! A recent survey found that women are nine times more likely than men to develop cold in their extremities, and more likely to suffer from Raynaud's disease. Raynaud's disease is a painful condition caused by the lack of blood reaching fingers and toes - and sufferers could find great relief with this footwarmer!
    So why do women feel the cold more? Well, their fat layers are more evenly distributed giving internal insulation but this, in turn, means our blood supply protects our core organs and the trunk of our body rather than the extremities. Less blood flow to the hands and feet means they become cold. Men however have more heat-generating muscle mass which improves their blood flow making them warmer.
    Also - women have thinner skin than men, and as they age skin gets even thinner. The skin on women's feet is thinner and has less subcutaneous fat than men's, so it is hard for them to keep warm. So just as women's faces get thinner as they age, so too does the skin on their feet and this is why the blood finds it hard to get to them and warm them up. That's why we find more women than men buy the Beurer Foot Warmers (but not exclusively!) and why they work so effectively to keep feet warm, comfortable and healthy!
    This product has three heat settings.
    1. 30-40oC
    2. 40-45oC
    3. 45-50oC
    Want to know some top tips for keeping feet warm (and healthy)?
    * Comfortable footwear - Tight-fitting shoes restrict circulation, keep it comfy!.

    * Diet  - Some foods will help such as Vitamin K rich ginger, fish, parsley, salad, spring onions, apricots and celery.  Vitamin K helps improve circulation.

    * Exercise - Will keep the heart-healthy  - a brisk walk or cycle will help.

    * Try a foot spa - NEVER use a hot water bottle or radiator - the heat is too intense this can often cause burns. A foot spa is a gentle way to warm the feet and stimulate circulation in the safest way possible. Beurer do a great range of warming foot spas too!

    * Try a heated foot warmer - Just like the foot spa the gentle heat is kinder to your feet. Nothing too severe could cause chilblains, or even burn the skin.  With a heated foot warmer the user will enjoy gentle, cosy and effective heat in the safest way possible.
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